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How does Retorio work?

Retorio works with a video-based Artificial Intelligence system that supports human intuition. Our technology is based on one of the most well-researched personality taxonomies, the so-called Big5 (or OCEAN) model, which has been validated as a reliable predictor of personality and job performance.

Our AI quantifies the behaviour that participants of Retorio's assessment show in short video recordings; their facial expressions, gesture, language, and voice in order to derive a perceived personality prediction, meaning that our AI predicts how your candidates and their behavior would be perceived by a representative set of people. 


How exactly can Retorio help me with my hiring process?

In job interviews, candidate's assessment of their own personality and soft skills tend to be altered by their desire to appear more favorable and get the job. Retorio has learned to judge interviews objectively and free from bias.

Our AI simulates how your candidates will be perceived by the future team members, clients, subordinates or superiors. This way, you can assess reliably, how closely a candidate matches the requirements of the task that he or she is expected to perform, and how well a candidate fits into your company culture.


What is the science behind Retorio assessment?

Retorio’s analysis is based on the universally accepted, advanced psychological model of personality traits, the Big5 model (also known as OCEAN model). This model describes an individual’s personality in terms of 5 dimensions: openness, extraversion-introversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

Though personality traits cannot specifically predict behavior, the Big 5 gives insight into how individuals may react, behave, and interpret things differently from others in a given situation. Personality thus constitutes a crucial predictor for job relevant behavior, and it can be matched with contextual factors, such as task requirements and organizational culture.


How precise is Retorio's AI technology?

Our system has a prediction accuracy of roughly 92%. In other words, if you asked a representative group of hundreds of people to judge a person whom they don't know based on a short video, Retorio's personality prediction would show a 92% overlap with the average judgment of this group of people.


How objective is Retorio's candidate evaluation?

We make it our objective to assess candidates' personality as objectively as possible. We guarantee high objectivity and reliability by removing single observer-based bias from the data and using multiple observer ratings. We also employ statistical methods to remove any biases resulting from gender, age, ethnicity or skin color


What parameters of a person does Retorio's AI analyze?

The combined rating of the AI makes use of visual input from facial expression and gesture, as well as auditive information like speaking speed, language sentiment and engaging language.



What is the purpose of the lists and how can I create one?

Lists help you keep an overview over your different projects (e.g., open positions). They allow you to watch, manage, and compare videos.

Lists are shown on the left side of the Retorio user interface. You can create new lists by clicking on the "+" icon.

Within lists you can sort your user videos according to various criteria, such as date of recording or AI output. To compare the AI-output of different video asssessment with each other, you can enter any list and change the layout of each list from thumbnail-view to list-view on the top right of your screen.

Please note, in every account there is one list called "all recordings". This list shows all available videos and cannot be deleted.


What are questionnaires for and how do I set up a new one?

A questionnaire is the set of questions your candidates will need to answer during their video interview. You can set up a new one by clicking: 

            → Video Interview button at the top of the screen.

            → Then, green plus sign button (two times, one in the video interview section,
                 and again in the pop up page)

            → Type in a questionnaire title

            → Type in the question you’d like to ask

            → Set up  time limit and number of repetitions

            → Repeat the same procedure for each question you’d like to add

            → Click save and publish

            → Finally, select the questionnaire you just created in the drop down menu from the -video interview- segment

This article will tell you in more detail how to configure questionnaires.


How long does it take for videos to be analyzed by Retorio’s AI system?

It varies depending on our video pipeline. But usually it happens within a few minutes


What questions are best to ask in the video interview?

We recommend going for the type of questions you would ask on a telephone interview.

Think about questions where answers can be kept short, but that can also provide some key information for your hiring process.
For example:

      →  What motivates you to work for ...?

      →  If you were a product, how would you sell yourself?

      →  Tell us about a time, where you did something special for a client or colleague.

This article will give you more ideas about questions you might ask.

How do I set up the values for my ideal candidate profile?

To define hiring criteria, all you need to do is answer 2 simple questionnaires that will reveal and set up the target values for your ideal profile.

The system later on will use these values to analyse and compare your candidates’ scores. 

The task fit form has to be filled out for every open position,

And the culture fit form needs to be filled out only once, because this will apply to every position within the same company. 

Click here to read a detailed step-by-step description of how to set up target profiles.


How many questions are optimal to ask in the video interview?

We recommend keeping the amount of questions low. The range is from 1 to 5, but in our experience 3-5 questions is an optimal amount.

Our system will analyze and show you results for each question independently, and also will show an average “overall job fit” score for each specific position.

Click here to see further hints and tips regarding interview questions.


How many repetitions shall I set up for each interview question?

We recommend allowing your candidates to have a vast number of opportunities to record their video, but do set up a limit. Some people need to warm up to the camera to feel comfortable, but some others might not be able to cope with uncertainty if you give them infinite tries. However, this decision completely up to you. Keep in mind that the value zero (0) stands for infinite repetitions.

Click here to see further hints and tips regarding interview questions.

How can I invite my candidates to the video interview?

There are two ways you can invite your candidates.

If you use Retorio as a stand-alone solution, you can create an invitation email template that contains:

      → An acknowledgement of your candidate’s application

      → A quick summary of how Retorio video interviews work, purpose of the video, estimated
           time and the type of questions they will need to answer.

      → The link that will conduct them to the video interview

In this article we will provide you with an examplary invitation template and show you how to create an invitation link

If you integrate Retorio into your ATS (e.g. Greenhouse):

       â†’  You can request an API key with your Retorio account manager

       â†’ Open a ticket with Greenhouse

       â†’ The Greenhouse support will respond with a link for you to enter your API key

       â†’ Send Retorio Interview invitation through Greenhouse


Can I use Retorio if I don't use any ATS?

Absolutely; you can invite candidates and view all their results without the need for an additional tool like an ATS.


How will my users experience Retorio?

The candidate experience will start with your invitation email for the video interview, which will direct assessment participants to Retorio’s video interview recorder with the link you provide them. 

The recorder plugin will give assessment participants some information before they start recording their video: It starts with a greeting and quick explanation of how Retorio works, terms and conditions, important legal aspects and a few hints to improve the quality of the video recording. Moreover, the recorder offers an opportunity to test the webcam and lighting conditions.

Once, the actual video interview starts, the video interview recorder will contain the pre-selected values that you defined for the video interview: questions, repetitions and  time per question. After they have finished recording their video, a thank you message will appear on their screens, and this will be the end of the candidates’ experience directly with Retorio.

This article will guide you through Retorio's candidate experience.