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Communication with applicants

How do I create a questionnaire?

How many reputations should applicants make?

Email Templates - formal, informal

How do I create a questionnaire?

In the sidebar on the left side you will find the item "Recordings". At the top right, you can create a new questionnaire under "Setup interview". To do this, simply press the green plus in the pop-up window. Then you can give the questionnaire a name and configure your questions. Save everything and now you can select your questionnaire in the pop-up window.


How many questions should we ask the applicants?

In order not to overwhelm or bore applicants with too many questions, we recommend asking between 2 and 5 questions, each of which can be answered within 90 seconds.

Email template to reach out

We offer you two different types of email templates, you can use to reach out. On the one hand you’ll find a template to address your colleagues for the internal assessment. On the other hand you’ll find a template that you can send to applicants for open positions.

Internal assessment

External applicants