How to Set up Questionnaires

Ask your users questions that really matter to you (and them). Here is how to do it!

Retorio’s questionnaire feature enables you to define questionnaires to which your users respond by recording themselves. Questionnaires can be easily configured and re-used across your lists. In this article you will learn how to:

If  instead, you are interested in tips regarding the content of your questionnaires, please go here.

Generate a New Questionnaire

To generate a new questionnaire, go to any of your lists, go to the video interview configurator and click on the "+" button in the questionnaire section. The questionnaire configurator will open.

In the questionnaire configurator, you can freely define questions that your users will answer in a given order.

In the questionnaire configurator you may generate a new question by clicking "+"  or you may delete a question by clicking "-".

Each individual question comprises:

  • The question text
  • An additional explanation text, which provides further instructions
  • A time limit for your questions
  • The number of attempts your users have to record themselves before they have to submit their video 

If you type in "0" (=zero) in the repetition field in the questionnaire configurator, your users will have an infinite number of attemps to record themselves. If you type in "1", they have only 1 attempt, if you type in "2", they get two attempts, etc...



Please do not forget to save AND publish your questionnaire. Only after saving a questionnaire you may publish it. Please consider that questionnaires cannot be edited after publication. This is to ensure that you do not accidently change questionnaires for which you have already received videos.

Duplicate an Existing Questionnaire

If you would like to modify an existing questionnaire, pick the questionnaire from the drop-down section in the video interview configurator and click on the little pencil symbol. Once you are in the questionnaire configurator, you may duplicate the questionnaire at the bottom of the page. Retorio will create a copy of the questionnaire that you can freely modify and save.

Attach a Questionnaire to a Video Interview

To attach a questionnaire to a video interview, please enter to the video interview configurator and select your questionnaire from the drop-down menu. Please do not forget to save your video interview configuration before sending out the video interview access link to your users.

Best Practice: Questionnaires

We have collected some best practice questions. Click here to read more.




Now you have learned how to set up questionnaires within Retorio. In the next article we will show you how these questionnaires look from the perspective of your assessment participants.


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