How We Use Retorio's Video AI to Run Our Company

As co-founders and managing directors of Retorio, we often get asked how we leverage Retorio in our own company.

We mostly market Retorio as a recruiting technology but there are plenty of other ways to make use of our underlying groundbreaking technology. Here is how our co-founders Christoph and Patrick use Retorio.



Our co-founders, Christoph and Patrick

🕵️ Recruiting

When we started Retorio, we quickly learned that soft factors, such as personality,  beat hard factors, such as academic qualifications and prior experience. Highly motivated people that fit well into our culture can acquire missing hard skills quickly. It is a lot harder for us to integrate people into our culture whose personality and attitude do not match, irrespective of whether they have plenty of relevant work experience.

Thus, in our hiring process we prioritize personality and soft skills over hard skills. Our recruiting process starts with a short video interview. This way, we get to know our candidates' personality from the start and we ensure that EVERY candidate has a chance to leave a personal impression. Our intelligence ensures that we get a second opinion and that we can judge candidates's personality and soft skills as objectively as possible and avoid discrimination.

⛴️ Self-Reflection

After bringing new people on board, it's all about bringing them up-to-speed as quickly as possible. Therefore, we provide all new hires with access to their Retorio assessment results. This way, we ensure that our new employees get a feeling for how they are perceived by other people and we can provide them with useful tips and hints how they can improve their behavior.

As part of the onboarding procedure we identify areas for development and create a personal Retorio account through which they can continuously assess themselves and grow into leaders.


👬 Team Matching

When building teams, It's all about finding matching personalities that enhance each other. We use Retorio's Big5 analysis to get to know our own teams better. Moreover, it helps us combine people with compatible personalities. 

For example, we know from scientific research that agreeable people tend to communicate well with extroverted people. Extraverts are sensitive to rewards and social attention. Individuals with high agreeableness value common goals and interpersonal harmony. Team members who score high on conscientiousness tend to value personal fulfilment and tidiness. For those who score high on the neuroticism dimensions, these are team members that are sensitive to uncertainty and threats. Colleagues scoring high on openness tend to be the ones to offer creativity, innovation and intellectual stimulation, etc.

Obviously, for a human it is very hard to consider all these relations when assigning people to teams. Yet, for Retorio's AI this is a comparatively easy task. Accordingly, we employ our AI to identify perfect matches and assign people into teams that enhance their individual strengths.

💳 Sales, Service and Leadership Training

Even amazing products do not just sell themselves without any effort. Accordingly we use Retorio to identify promising sales and service talents and develop these talents into top-performers and future leaders.

Through Retorio's video assessments we simulate different scenarios that our employees face in their daily lives and measure their behavior in these situations. Our AI analyses reactions and informs our team people to which extent their behavior was helpful or detrimental in the respective scenario.

Moreover, while viewing their response on video, our employees learn to put themselves into the shoes of others and they become more self-reflective and empathic.




Retorio is not just a helpful recruiting tool but it can add value in many other contexts where people interact with other people. We recommend sharing your Retorio account with different business units to find out where else Retorio might help you.