Your Onboarding Checklist

You just received access to your Retorio account? This checklist will help you take your next steps

A Big Welcome from our Founders!  

Christoph and Patrick founded Retorio in order to help people around them activate their best self. Come say hi :wave: to them and find out about their vision and ideas for Retorio.

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Watch our Onboarding Videos

At Retorio we believe in the power of video! Accordingly Daniela from our Customer Success team recorded several helpful onboarding videos for you. On our youtube channel you'll find the full playlist youtube_social_link_icon_alt_text.



Access our Onboarding Materials in the Knowledge Center

Retorio's Knowledge Center offers easy-to-understand explanations of Retorio's key features. Find out how to configure your Retorio account for your specific use case and access our best practices.


Analyze yourself with Retorio

The best way to experience Retorio is to analyze yourself. This way you will experience Retorio through your users' eyes and you can ensure an optimal experience. Moreover you will learn a lot about yourself. It will just take 5 minutes.


Book an Onboarding Call with our Team

We like helping you out. If you'd like to ask specific questions or you have ideas for features, you can book a quick video call with someone from our team. Just click here, and book yourself into our calendar. No worries, we won't charge you! Our team speaks English, German, Spanish, Mandarin and Finnish. Please indicate in your booking, which language you prefer to speak.


Analyze your Existing Team with Retorio to Get to Know your Org. Culture

Retorio enables you to benchmark participants against target profiles. The most exciting way to create target profiles is to conduct a Retorio assessment with your existing team in order to identify what makes your team unique. In order to do so, just create a new list within your Retorio account, configure a video interview and invite as many people from your current team as possible. 

As soon as you have received representative number of assessments (the more the better), we will aggregate the results for you and create a custom target profile that accounts for your existing team structure. 


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